Finished AWS Developer Associate Training (It is a beast)

Phew. I spent the past couple of weeks in an AWS Developer Associate training session and let me just say that it was easy and hard at the same time. The concepts and what you are doing are fairly straightforward, but the amount of material is substantially greater compared to the AWS Architect or AWS System Operations. If I had to put a value on it, I would say that I spent twice as much time on the Developer course as I did on the other two.

To help prepare myself better, I took notes along the way… a lot of notes. So many notes that I would up writing over 20,000 words at almost 800 pages for just this one AWS training session.

I began my AWS journey in March of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic first began and have now completed training on AWS Architect Associate, AWS System Operations Associate, and AWS Developer Associate.

At the same time, my work has recently started to show interest in moving to the cloud and I am now involved with 5 different cloud initiatives, between 3 different providers for our core infrastructure and two for our virtual desktops. While we have not made a determination on the cloud strategy yet and could pivot to any possible provider, if necessary I will simply take training for whichever cloud provider we chose. Thankfully, the nomenclature might be different, but the concepts are very similar between all of the cloud providers.

Now to focus on getting officially certified and then back to python programming and improving the Marvel FASERIP system in some really exciting ways.