Python Code Using Marvel Comics

So I have been learning to code in Python for some of the various project ideas I have and wanted to see how I did on something that does not exist as far as I can tell. In the Marvel Comic New Mutants, from 2019, Issue 07, there is a sequence in which the New Mutants face off against the Guardians.

I thought why not simulate that in Python?

I started by outlining what I wanted to accomplish and then writing my test code in Python. I started by creating a list for the two different teams and then used a random function to pull a random element from the lists. From there, I used the random function to simulate a dice roll for each of the lists and then compare the mutants vs guardians. The losing dice roll would perform a remove list function and shrink the list of remaining combatants. The next steps are to add in a while loop with a counter so that it will show the final roster of the winning team and then move to the next round.

From there, I then started a GitHub and published the working, but in progress Python code. After that, I settled on Replit and linked my Github to the site which you can then see and then embedded the links back to my WordPress site. Alternately, I considered using Lambda, but this path seemed to be the low hanging fruit and from here can then convert into a Lambda function or use an EC2 instance.

Code Count: 96 lines.

The latest code is up on my GitHub. You can try it for yourself and run it from a web browser via my Replit or embedded below.