The purpose of this webpage is to chart the progressions of my journey into various interests and activities. I will be linking to some of the different sources where I have published data so that this site can serve as a better aggregator of information as well as a possible timeline of activities.

Recently, the talk of the cloud has accelerated at my work. For my own personal journey into the public cloud journey, I started out by taking the AWS Architect and SysOp training from StormWind Studios. During the class, I built out an EC2 instance with Route53 and had the idea to use PiHole to block popups. My theory was that the distance from the datacenter to my home would be low enough that it would not impact latency enough to be perceptible and would give me the added flexibility whether I was at home or away on my mobile device. Plus. considering how power is not always stable in my area, it would help reduce the amount of data I needed when I am using a mobile device. Next, I moved onto building my own website and decided to use Lightsail as it is fairly low cost. It is currently hosting this wordpress website so that it can be scaled accordingly.

While I have not started the AWS Developer course yet, I am working on trying to plan out how my workplace can migrate to the public cloud easier. Rather than a lift and shift, I want to see how difficult it will be to convert existing services into alternatives such as a webservers to Lightsail or if possible a serverless S3 using Lambda for server-side processing.