AI coding BI and Security programs

ChatGPT can truly do some amazing things. With its popularity and awareness increasing daily, I wanted to show two unique ways I have discovered to give a better picture of some avenues that it branch out to. Software Metering Over the years I became very experienced using many Endpoint Management Tools. I started with Altiris, […]

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AI Possibilities

TL;DR: Recently, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the world. It has opened a pandora’s box of possibility. For me, the first time I heard about ChatGPT was December 13th. The email chain I was added to was concerned how it would impact learning in schools. Until that point, I had never heard of OpenAI ChatGPT, but

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Python Code Using Marvel Comics – Part 6

Big Update. I have updated Marvel_Ultimate_Character_Generator to include the following: Physical Forms Changes to FASERIP Changes to Origins Added Weaknesses Added Resources Added Popularity New Powers Many of these changes were brought on by the addenda from the Author of the Ultimate Powers book so I have incorporated those changes per: Current Code Count:

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